Thursday, February 23, 2017

Bangkok 2017

I was in the land of thousand smiles two weeks back.

Guess what, I came back with only 7 new purchases! So proud of myself.

I went for this trip with a shopping list at hand. I didn't want to spend money mindlessly and accumulating another article in my life. I didn't want to feel pressured to have to buy something just because things are cheaper. You know what I mean?

Thank God I managed to keep my purchase to 1 belt, 2 tops, 1 handheld sewing machine, 1 packet of banana chips for Angie, a bottle of perfume, 1 recycling bag.

The only poor purchase was the extra top that I bought. I had only intended to buy 1 top. In a moment of weakness, I gave in to the "it's darn cheap" mentality.

Not being on the buying streak allowed me to slow down quite a fair bit for this trip. I was in a better state of mind to focus on the people and sights that surrounded me.

If you are on the journey of minimising spending (be it local or overseas), having a shopping list definitely is the way forward.

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