Monday, January 30, 2017

Three bags full

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Decluttered a bag of clothes from my wardrobe yesterday. Prior to Christmas, I decluttered two bags. In total, I had decluttered three bag full of clothes, some of which were brand new. How did I end up in such a situation?

Did I derived happiness having a wardrobe filled with clothes. The answer is no. I struggle with the thought that I don't have enough clothes on a daily basis. I would end up going through the motion of picking that few pieces of clothes to survive the work week and weekend. On special events such as weddings, I grimaced at the thought of needing to get an outfit befitting of the occasions. I secretly hope I could just survive each day by wearing a uniform.

In short, I had fallen prey to vanity and succumbed to my insecurities.

Note to self, moving forward:
  1.  Buy what is necessary.
  2.  Buy quality stuff as these products would last longer and generate savings in the longer term.
  3.  Keep only clothes that you need. There are people out there who would need the clothes more than you do.

For those who are curious with what I did with my decluttered clothes, they would be going to Chris, my grandfather's helper. She would usually send the clothes back to her village in Manila, Philippines.

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